Get Active

Vegans are fighting a war, a war against the exploitation, torture and murder of animals. To fight a war we need an army. It is not enough to be vegan, it is our duty to spread the word and wake people up, as fast as possible.

While serving friends delicious vegan food plays a part we really need to be getting out there, attending demos and vigils, showing people the reality of their so called choices.

It is easy to come up with reasons why it is not possible to participate in activism but often solutions can be found, if the desire to find them is there.

The animals do not have the time to wait for people to slowly change to a compassionate way of life, neither does the planet.

The time to act is NOW!

Below you will find various ways to get more involved, spread the word and get the truth out to the public


Vigils are happening on a regular basis all over the world, and are easy to find on social media and are a very effective form of activism because the activist is able to share his or her own personal experience rather than sharing someone else’s.

So what happens at a vigil?

I am not going to tell you that attending a vigil is easy, it will break your heart but what you need to keep in mind is that no matter what you are feeling at least you get to walk away. The animals don’t, they are frightened, thirsty and can smell their fate.

The vigils are held outside a slaughter house, as trucks arrive activists walk beside the trucks, taking photos and showing kindness to the animals. While waiting for trucks the activists stand at the roadside holding signs for those passing by to see.


Demos are another effective method of activism and take place in a variety of places depending on the reason for them. They involve more engagement with the public, talking to people, handing out leaflets for example.

Vegan Outreach

This type of activism usually involves setting up a stall with a variety of leaflets to hand out to the public.